Look for your ballot packs in the mail

A man shows a postal ballot packBallot packs for the local council elections have now been mailed out to everyone on the voters' rolls. We'll be waiting to count your votes – which you need to mail or hand-deliver to local election offices by 6 pm on Friday 23 October.

Our education programs are primarily focused on how to complete ballot papers correctly and supporting people to understand the services that local councils provide, and the role councillors play.

We encourage you to read and share the free resources and services on our website, which aim to support the participation of all voters.  We constantly try to improve our services, especially for those voters who may have additional engagement challenges and welcome your feedback via email.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders for helping us to reach and engage Victorian communities in this month's council elections. Finally, during this time of social distancing we wish all Victorians well and hope the council elections provide an opportunity to feel a bit more connected to our local communities.

Key election reminders:

  • 6-8 October – ballot packs were mailed out to all on the voters' rolls.
  • Friday 16 October – contact your local election office if you haven't received your ballot pack
  • 6 pm Friday 23 October – ballot packs must be in the mail or hand-delivered to your local election office by this deadline. Don't leave it to the last minute!