Meet Sarah, our schools engagement coordinator

A young woman in a graduation cap and gown smiling at the cameraSarah is an important part of our team that delivers the Passport to Democracy program, offering resources and incursions to Victorian schools. Sarah was a teacher before joining us and continues to educate and support schools in her work each day.

'Whilst completing my undergraduate degree in marketing and economics I was working as a violin teacher. It was supporting my incredible students over those 3 years that made me realise teaching is what I was meant to do! So, I enrolled in the Master of Teaching at the University of Melbourne and the rest is history.'

'At the start of 2020 I had resigned my teaching position to move to London with my family. Due to the pandemic, that didn't eventuate, so I took the opportunity to see what else was out there. Having spent 5 years as the "civics nerd" on staff, it was a natural fit for me to apply for a role in the Education and Inclusion team.'

'What I love most is the sheer number of students and teachers our program can support in any given week. It's been incredibly fulfilling to be able to interact with schools across Victoria and to witness first-hand the growth in the civic knowledge and skills of young people across the State.'

'In response to the pandemic we've had to adapt the program and produced a variety of new resources and move our incursions online. We've successfully delivered over 90 remote learning sessions to student across Victoria over the last year.'

You can find out more about the Passport to Democracy program and access a range of resources at