Meet our new young people inclusion officer

Image of our young people inclusion officer, KellyHello, my name is Kelly. I am the new Young People Inclusion Officer at the VEC. I have spent my first few weeks attending meetings, assisting with planning, and listening to all the amazing work my team does in engaging young people in our democracy. 

Prior to joining the VEC, I worked with young people in education settings and youth organisations. Already in my first few weeks here, my belief that young people are the future of our country has been reaffirmed. Improving young people’s knowledge of the Victorian electoral process is key to empowering and amplifying young voices. 

It’s always important to include young perspectives in the work that we do, this can help reach a wider young community and resonate with a larger young audience. I am eager to bring a young person’s perspective to the VEC to help improve inclusion, and to contribute to the already amazing work that the Young People Team is doing.