Non-voting information for people experiencing homelessness or mental illness

screenshot of non-voting animation showing text that says 'Didn't vote?'

The VEC recently started mailing out 'Apparent Failure to Vote Notices' to the 330,000 people who appear to not have voted at the October 2020 elections. Whilst homelessness or serious mental illness are not prescribed as sufficient reasons for not voting under law, the VEC's Prosecution Officer may excuse these non-voters.

If someone you are supporting receives this notice, please encourage them to respond within 28 days, as the VEC may send an infringement notice including a fine of $83 if no response is received.

You can assist by responding on their behalf. Include as much detail as possible.

Electoral Commissioner, Warwick Gately, stressed that this Notice is not a fine or penalty.

'An Apparent Failure to Vote Notice is not a fine – it’s a chance to explain why you appear not to have voted,' Mr Gately said.

Infringement notices will be sent out from March.

For future elections, people experiencing homelessness can enrol to vote using a 'No fixed address' enrolment form. This will ensure they won't receive any failure to vote correspondence if they can't vote due to their housing situation.

We've also developed a digital poster available to download or share now.