Our staff share this common goal

During the 2020 local council elections, we worked with our Democracy Ambassadors to produce a range of videos in different languages.

These videos explained how to enrol, how to vote, and how to respond to an Apparent Failure to Vote Notice in 10 languages.

Reflecting on the program's success, we couldn't have done it without these special staff members. Let's meet one of them.

Meet Se Yong

Se Yong and his son standing in front of a dinosaur statue. His son is making a peace sign with his hands.

Hello, my name is Se Yong. I was born in Korea. In 1996, I left South Korea to study in Sydney. After I completed university, I was working in the IT sector for a private company.

In 2017, I came to work at the VEC in the IT team. I am the ‘guy behind the scenes’ - the public doesn’t get to see what I do.

My current role focuses on IT, security and engineering. I get to do what I have always loved doing, working with computers and technology. So, I am a happy man.

At the VEC we have a shared common goal, to provide elections and education to voters in Victoria.

We are not about financial gain. We provide opportunities for people to be part of democracy. I am so proud to be working at the VEC.

After the Korean war, we struggled to form a democratic country. To me, democracy means to have a say, fairness, freedom, to be heard, to have opportunity, the ability to participate, and have access to information that people can understand.

During the 2020 local council elections, I created a video in Korean language for my community members with limited to no English language skills. Information in Korean helped them to participate in the election. Wow! It was a great thing to do.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch the videos in Dinka, Mandarin, Cantonese, Nepali, Dari, Amharic, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Arabic, and Hazaragi.

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