Out-of-home outreach - without outreach sessions

Image of a poster from our mythbusting campaign

Our Mythbusting campaign was rolled out with posters across Melbourne

Due to the devastating effects of the global pandemic the VEC have had to create adaptive and new ways of supporting voters without secure housing and people in prison. In developing a plan for LG2020 we had to consider that the usual face to face sessions were out of the question and that any education campaign would have to use other forms of media – specifically media beyond the internet.

You may have noticed our ‘Myth Busting’ campaign in your local area. The aim of this project was to use street posters and billboards to challenge the myths that surround enrolment and voting – including myths that relate to fines, identification requirements and the ‘no fixed address’ enrolment status. This style of campaign reaches the general public, as well as the target groups. For more information please visit: VEC Mythbusting Campaign

Along with street signage, we have produced z-cards that will name and bust myths about enrolment and voting that are common barriers to participation. We are have distributed them to as many services – along with hard copies of the ‘no fixed address’ enrolment forms. If you have a specific request for these please contact Tanya Burne – details below.

The VEC is a proud sponsor of StreetSmart and through this partnership we have distributed over 400 No Fixed Address forms and Z cards to services across Melbourne. Crucial election information has also been shared with StreetSmart’s 2000+ community partners.  Other services that have accessed VEC resources include Youth Projects, Salvation Army, Medically Supervised Injecting Rooms (MSIR - Richmond) and Windana.

An important message for all stakeholders is that the No Fixed Address enrolment form can now be completed online: No fixed address form online on the AEC website

The printed form states that the completed form is required to be scanned and emailed. However, a clear photo of completed forms can also be uploaded. To return the form by post please use the Reply-Paid address below:

Australian Electoral Commission

Reply Paid 9867

Melbourne VIC 8060

As prisons are a high-risk area for the spread of COVID-19, we are very limited in our ability to directly liaise with people in prison and prison staff. The VEC are currently working on producing a new improved guide: Voting in Victorian Prisons.

There are still significant barriers to participation for these vulnerably communities – especially in the current Covid pandemic – but we are hopeful that the plans that we have created make an impact. Please contact our Community Specialist – Out of Home, Tanya Burne via email if you require any resources or further information.