Refresh of political disclosure guidelines opens employment opportunities for more people

A smiling woman working at a voting centre is showing another woman to a voting booth. She is wearing a maroon vest that says 'Election official'.

More people can now be considered for employment with us at the 2022 State election after recent updates to our political disclosure guidelines. The changes allow us to expand the number of Victorians eligible to work at this year’s State election.

What’s changing?

The VEC can lawfully refuse employment to people because of their political activities, and in the past, this had meant that people who had been politically active in the past 15 years were not able to be considered for employment due to the potential public perception of bias.

The revised political disclosure guidelines mean you can be considered for work if:

  • your political activity/membership of a political party was more than 5 years ago
  • you were a candidate at  a local council, State, Territory or federal level or held one of those elected positions more than 10 years ago.

Political activity will still be assessed on a case-by-case basis, for example, someone applying for a job with us will be asked if they have engaged in activity on a personal or professional level that supports or opposes a political party or their policies. This includes posting on social media; donating to a party or candidate; speaking at or attending a rally or political event; or volunteering for a party or candidate.

More about our new guidelines