The year ahead

A VEC democracy ambassador delivers an education session

We remain committed to safety during the transition to a COVID-normal environment and will continue working with stakeholders to deliver sessions in the new year. Please contact the team for ongoing engagement opportunities.

For any work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities please contact Jeremy Nikora (email).

Voter education sessions can be tailored to suit cultural needs with interpreters. To book a session or for more information, please contact Asvin Phorugngam (email) or call 8620 1185.

For any questions on education for people with disabilities or to book a session, contact Debra Taylor (email) or call 8620 1183.

For any questions on the VEC’s Out-of-Home Program (working with those with insecure housing and prisoners), please contact Tanya Burne (email).

For any questions about our Young Peoples’ Programs, please contact James Fiford (email). For Passport to Democracy school education session enquiries, email the team.

You can also download Easy English guides, worksheets, view videos, animations and more in our Learn to vote section.

The VEC education team wishes all readers a safe, happy and healthy holiday period.