We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities, and to that end have a Sustainability policy and a Sustainability action plan, which sets key objectives and action plans to deliver the objectives.

Sustainability is a factor in our planning, operations and policy decisions. We have devised and introduced sustainable practices into individual, team and organisation-wide projects. 

Resource smart committee

Our Resource smart committee is an internal group that oversees the implementation of the Sustainability action plan.

The committee has commissioned a Sustainability baseline report to further improve our understanding of organisation’s environmental performance and environmental footprint.

The report will provide a solid base on which to develop new, achievable, measurable targets that will be incorporated into the Sustainability action plan.

What we have achieved

In the 10 years of the Resource smart committee, we have:

  • increased our visibility across the VEC by way of regular Resource Smart activities timetabled throughout each year that demonstrates how our staff can and do contribute to sustainability at the VEC
  • reduced our energy usage at head office with upgrade to the lighting on one of our floors and have upgraded all lighting at the VEC warehouse at Melbourne Airport to LED
  • reduced our waste during and post-election through a comprehensive reuse and recycling program
  • reduced our print production volumes in order to reduce waste
  • ensured staff at our temporary election offices and voting locations contribute to the VECs sustainability programs through training and inclusion of information in instructional manuals and handbooks.