Groups and voting tickets

Registering a group

Two or more upper house candidates can register a group in a State election. Registering a group means that these candidates will appear together on the ballot paper and will have the group name appear above the line. Candidates who are not part of a group will appear below the line only.

Group registrations for the 2022 State election open on Wednesday 2 November and close at 12 noon on Thursday 10 November.

Sample of an Upper House ballot paper showing blank boxes and dummy names separated by a horizontal line

Groups can contain members of one political party, multiple parties, or independent candidates. Groups appear before ungrouped candidates on the ballot paper and the group name appears above the line.

All members of your group must have completed the nomination process before you submit your group registration form. This form is available in the candidate kits. Candidate kits will be available to download from this website from early October, or you can pick up a hardcopy from an election office from Wednesday 2 November.

When completing the group registration form you can specify the order that members of your group will be listed on the ballot paper. Candidates can only be part of one group.

More information on group registration is available in the Region candidate handbook.

Group voting tickets

All groups must submit at least one group voting ticket.

Group voting tickets for the 2022 State election must be submitted to our head office from 9 am on Saturday 12 November to 12 noon on Sunday 13 November.

Group voting tickets are used to determine how your group wants to direct preferences when someone votes above the line. Read more about above- and below-the-line voting.

All group voting tickets are published on our website during the election.

Here's an example group voting ticket:

Example of a group voting ticket showing blank squares where candidates will write the preferences they want to assign

Groups can register up to 3 group voting tickets for each region in a State election. The order of preference of your group members must be the same on each ticket, even if you assign preferences to other candidates in a different order.

If you register 2 or 3 tickets, we will split the votes you receive evenly across all tickets.

Detailed information on group voting tickets is available in the Region Candidates handbook.

How to register a group voting ticket

If you have registered a group, you will be emailed a group voting ticket template on the evening of Friday 11 November. You must use this template to create your group voting ticket. If you create more than one group voting ticket, you must clearly label the order you want your tickets to be shown in the group voting ticket booklet that is provided to the public.

Group voting tickets for the 2022 State election must be submitted to us by appointment between 9 am Saturday 12 November and 12 noon on Sunday 13 November.

All registered groups must submit at least one group voting ticket. If your group does not lodge a group voting ticket before 12 noon on Sunday 13 November, your group will not be eligible to have an above-the-line-square against your group, and financial penalties apply.

Your lodgement form must be signed by either:

  • the registered officer (if all candidates are from one party)
  • the registered officers (if multiple parties)
  • the candidate whose name appears first on the ballot paper (for independent candidates).

Group voting tickets cannot be lodged with an election manager.

You can amend, withdraw, or replace a submitted group voting ticket any time from 9 am Saturday 12 November and 12 noon on Sunday 13 November. An application to amend, withdraw or replace your ticket must be signed by either the registered officer of your party or the first listed independent candidate in your group.