Making a submission

You can have a say in the 2023–24 council structure reviews by making a submission to the panels. Your submission must be written and can include a map.

For round one reviews, the panels will accept submissions at 2 stages:

  • Preliminary submissions are your chance to propose a structure for your council, and describe how many councillors it should have and why.
  • Response submissions are your chance to address options that the panel will propose in its preliminary report. This report will be released after the panel has considered submissions from the previous stage.

Required information

For your submission to be considered you must include your:

  • full name
  • contact phone number or email address
  • postal or residential address.

Your submission will be published on this website. We will remove your contact details, but we will display your full name, and suburb or town.

Contents of your submission

Your submission should be limited to the scope of the review.

At the preliminary submissions stage, you may address one or both of the following issues:

  • the number of councillors you think the council should have (between 5 and 12)
  • the electoral structure you think best supports voter representation in the council (subdivided or unsubdivided).

You must also provide reasons for your preferences.

If you discuss or propose ward boundaries in your submission, you can include maps or diagrams, but you don’t have to.

Background information and statistics

You can refer to the following resources to help you prepare your submission.

Submission guide

Our submission guide has information to help you:

  • understand more about the review process and what the panels will consider
  • learn about the different types of structures you can propose
  • compare your council’s population to others in the state.

Council fact sheets

We have also prepared fact sheets that contain detailed information about each council under review. They also contain current and forecast population statistics.

Find councils under review

Public information sessions

You can join an information session online or by phone to find out more about the reviews. Session details will be available in each council review page.

Find councils under review

How to make a submission

The easiest way to make a submission is using our online submission tool. A link to the tool will be available from your council’s information page.

Find councils under review

Your council page will also have information about how to make submissions by email or post.


We will collect and use information you provide to capture and process your submission. This includes your name, address and contact information. We will handle any information you provide in line with our privacy policy. You can find a detailed privacy statement in the submission guide.