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Local council elections will be held in Victoria in October 2020.

The roll closed at 4 pm on Friday 28 August 2020.

If you have changed address since that date, you must still enrol or update your details for future Federal, State and local council elections. However, you will need to vote for your old address at this election or risk a fine.

You will be able to request to have your ballot pack sent to a different address from 6 October. For more information see How to vote

Updating your enrolment details

You must update your enrolment details within 21 days if you have changed your:

  • residential address and you have lived there for a month
  • name
  • postal address.
You still need to update your enrolment details for future elections, even though the roll this election has closed.

Change my details

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic there may be some delays in processing enrolment updates.

If you wish to apply for silent elector status due to you or your family being in immediate danger, please contact us on 1300 805 478.

If you do not update your details

If you do not update your details within 21 days:

  • you may get a fine of $165.22 
  • you may have to vote for your old address
  • we may update your details by a direct enrolment process
  • your name may be removed from the roll.

Get election alerts (VoterAlert)

We can also send you reminders for elections you need to vote in (VoterAlert).

VoterAlert is a free SMS and email reminder service for Victorian State and local council elections.

To update your contact details or sign up for VoterAlert, go to our 'Check my enrolment' portal.

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