Homelessness and voting

All Australian citizens aged 18 and over, regardless of their housing situation, have the right to enrol and vote.

By collaborating with community agencies we assist people experiencing homelessness to participate in local council and State elections.

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Enrolment and voting options for people experiencing homelessness

People experiencing homelessness can enrol:

  • under the No fixed address category. If you enrol under this category and don’t vote at an election you won’t be fined and your name will remain on the electoral roll.
  • as a Silent elector. You can also apply to be a silent elector if your safety, or the safety of your family, is at risk. This means your address will not be shown on the publicly available electoral roll.

The VEC can visit community service agencies to:

  • speak with staff and network meetings about our services and how to assist clients to enrol to vote
  • run electoral enrolment outreach sessions and ensure that clients, if appropriate, are enrolled under the ‘no fixed address’ category
  • provide voting services during election time so that clients can vote in an environment in which they feel comfortable.

Homelessness Advisory Group

With representation from service users and key community agencies, the group, which meets twice a year, provides advice, experience and expertise to help guide the direction of the VEC’s Homeless not Voteless program.

It’s vital that the VEC’s work in this area is relevant and responsive to the needs of people experiencing homelessness. We are always looking for new members, whether you are a service user, agency worker or policy maker.

For more information, or to get involved please email our education and inclusion team.


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To find out more, or to book an electoral outreach session, please contact:

VEC Education and Inclusion Team