Tuesday 25 November 2014

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Make sure you vote correctly this Saturday

Voters are being urged to take their time reading instructions printed on their ballot papers to make sure they vote correctly on election day, this Saturday.

Voters will be given two ballot papers to vote in the State election. The smaller ballot paper is for the Lower House — voters must place the number 1 in the box next to the candidate they most want to see elected, then number all the remaining boxes in the order of their preference for their vote to count.

The larger ballot paper is for the Upper House — voters can either vote 'above the line' by placing a 1 in a box above the line for a party or group, or 'below the line' by putting the numbers 1 to at least 5 in the boxes below the line for individual candidates. They can number more than five boxes if they wish.

If a voter chooses to vote 'above the line', their preferences are distributed according to the party or group's Group Voting Ticket.

Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gately said: 'If voters are not comfortable with the choices a party or group has made, they can vote for candidates below the line'.

Group Voting Tickets can be inspected on the VEC website at vec.vic.gov.au and at voting centres on election day.

A record 1557 how-to-vote cards have also been registered with the VEC by political parties, independent candidates and interest groups.

Warwick Gately said: 'How-to-vote cards are distributed to voters to encourage them to number preferences on their ballot papers in a way determined by a particular political party, group or independent candidate.

'It's important to remember that how-to-vote cards provide suggestions only — it is the voter who decides how their preferences are to be distributed.'

How-to-vote cards are distributed by candidate and party representatives and can also be inspected on the VEC website at vec.vic.gov.au.

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