Wednesday 3 December 2014

For immediate release

Provisional votes to be included in count

Three Legislative Assembly districts continue to remain the focus for the VEC. The margins indicated are based on primary two candidate preferred results:

  • Bentleigh (ALP currently in the lead by 319 votes)
  • Frankston (ALP currently in the lead by 164 votes)
  • Prahran (Liberal Party currently in the lead by 72 votes)

Some 45,000 provisional votes were cast around the State, with those for the close seats checked and ready for counting tomorrow as follows:

  • Bentleigh 222
  • Frankston 507
  • Prahran 623

A provisional vote is taken when a person can’t be found on the electoral roll. This may happen as they have only become eligible after the close of roll (e.g. turned 18, become an Australian citizen) or where they have been removed from the roll. Many people forget to advise the VEC when they change address and if the VEC becomes aware that they are no longer living at the specified enrolled address, they are required to be removed from the roll.

A further 20,000 postal votes have been received and sent to their home electorates today for counting tomorrow, along with early, absent and provisional votes.

On average, 81% of the total enrolment has been counted and the VEC estimates the State-wide turnout rate will be around the 93% mark.

Those districts where one candidate has an absolute majority of first preferences will be declared on Friday, and full preference distributions will commence for the remaining districts on Monday

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Media enquiries:

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