Friday 13 September 2019
For immediate release

Vacancy within Greater Bendigo City Council

A countback procedure to fill an extraordinary vacancy in Eppalock Ward within Greater Bendigo City Council will take place at 1.30 pm on Tuesday 8 October 2019, following the resignation of Councillor Yvonne Wrigglesworth.

The countback will take place in the Council Offices, 195-229 Lyttleton Terrace, Bendigo.

The vacancy will be filled by a countback of the vacating councillor’s votes from the 2016 Greater Bendigo City Council election (instead of voters voting in a by-election). ‘The vacating councillor’s votes will be distributed to the remaining eligible unsuccessful candidates from the 2016 election, according to voters’ preferences. The candidate who gains more than 50% of the countback votes will be elected,’ Returning Officer Katrina Collins said.

Scrutineers and interested parties may attend and observe the countback.

The result will be published online at and also in local newspapers.

Media enquiries:

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