Friday 20 October, 2017
For immediate release

Candidate retirement from the 2017 Greater Geelong City Council Bellarine Ward election

Candidate Stephen McGain has been retired from the 2017 Greater Geelong City Council Bellarine Ward election.

Acting Electoral Commissioner Liz Williams says this is not the first time that a candidate has been retired from a council election after postal ballot packs have been mailed to voters.

“Processes are in place to deal with this situation, so voters should not be concerned if they have already completed and returned their ballot paper, as preferences for Mr McGain will move to the voter’s next preferred candidate. Voters should continue to complete their ballot paper following the instructions on the ballot paper.”

Victorian law ensures that, if for any reason a candidate on the ballot paper is retired, each voter’s preferences pass to the remaining candidates in the order the voter has indicated on the ballot paper.

At the close of nominations, there were 13 candidates standing for election for Bellarine Ward. Mr McGain’s retirement as a candidate leaves 12 remaining candidates for the three vacancies in the ward.

The Returning Officer can query the qualification of a candidate and must retire them if he or she is disqualified from nominating. The Returning Officer may retire a candidate from an election after nominations close.

Voters are reminded that their completed ballot material must be in the mail or hand-delivered before 6.00 pm Friday 27 October.

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