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How does voting work?

Basic information about the preferential voting system which is used in Victoria for State and local council elections.

Passport to Democracy: the VEC’s program for schools

Visit the Passport to Democracy website (external link) for a range of online interactives, downloadable resources, lesson plans and activities.

Passport to Democracy encourages humanities, VCAL and primary-aged students to consider community-based issues important to them.

It looks at how students can make positive change in their school or local community and how they, as active citizens, can take part in our democracy.

Voting is for everyone

In partnership with SCOPE, the empowering film Voting is for Everyone (external link) challenges the myths around voting and disability.

It explains the role of government in Australia, and shows how to get help if needed. It is aimed at people living with a disability, carers and workers.

A Guide to Voting in Victorian Elections


Guide to Voting in Victorian Elections (external link)

Designed for a wider audience, this accessible video resource informs viewers about the levels of government with a strong emphasis on State and council elections. It also explains how to enrol, vote and stand as a candidate in an election.

All About Voting

All About Voting is a kit that promotes active citizenship and democratic participation amongst CALD communities. It was developed in partnership with AMES and is suitable for the newly arrived to learn about the Australian political system.

Electoral information for people experiencing homelessness

My Vote, Your Vote, Our Vote

My Vote, Your Vote, Our Vote (external link) is a collection of inspiring stories from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders about how they fought to have a voice and vote; and why a collective Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voice is so powerful.

Easy English guide to first-past-the-post elections

This guide has been developed to assist people in community organisations to run a first-past-the-post election. It is not the same voting system used for local, State or Federal elections.