Nillumbik Shire Council representation reviews

The VEC is conducting an electoral representation review of Nillumbik Shire Council.

The VEC has published a preliminary report for this review and response submissions are open.

Representation reviews ensure all voters in a local council area have their concerns and interests fairly represented by their council.

What the review will cover

The review examines:

  • whether a local council has the appropriate number of councillors
  • whether the local council should be unsubdivided, with councillors elected from the whole local council, or subdivided into wards
  • if subdivided, the number of wards, ward boundaries and the number of councillors per ward.

Preliminary report

A preliminary report is available for this review.

Key dates

Public information sessions 11 and 18 February 2019
Preliminary submissions open Wednesday 13 February 2019
Preliminary submissions close 5.00 pm on Wednesday 13 March 2019
Release of preliminary report
Response submissions open
Wednesday 10 April 2019
Response submissions close 5.00 pm on 8 May 2019
Public hearing 7.30 pm 13 May 2019
Scheduled release of final report Wednesday 5 June 2019

Have your say

Submissions in response to the preliminary report are now open.

Response submissions close 5.00 pm on Wednesday 8 May 2019.

Submissions must address the proposed option(s) detailed in the preliminary report.

Public hearing

People and organisations who submit a response to the preliminary report can request to speak in support of their submission at a public hearing.

The public hearing will take place at at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 13 May 2019 at Nillumbik Council Chamber, 14-34 Civic Drive, Greensborough.

The hearing will not be held if there are no requests to speak.

Date Submitter
10 April 2019 STUBLEY, Carole and Brian - written submision (PDF, 77kB)
12 April 2019 NILLUMBIK RESIDENTS FOR REPRESENTATION on behalf of Nillumbik Residents - written submision (PDF, 90kB)
12 April 2019 STUWE, Gerhard - written submision (PDF, 46kB)
14 April 2019 PAULL, Greg - written submision (PDF, 44kB)
16 April 2019 BAGUSAUSKAS, Vince - written submision (PDF, 52kB)
18 April 2019 SHARPE, Colin - written submision (PDF, 519kB)

Disclaimer: the views expressed in submissions are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of the Victorian Electoral Commission.

If you would like to receive any of these files in a different format, please email the representation reviews team.

Date Submitter
18 February 2019 BAGUSAUSKAS, Vince - written submission (PDF, 42kB)
BAGUSAUSKAS, Vince - mapping submission (KML, 116kB)
21 February 2019 CAMPBELL, Narelle - written submission (PDF, 2.7MB)
24 February 2019 MEADE, Janet - written submission (PDF, 94kB)
25 February 2019 DAVIES, Janice - written submission (PDF, 57kB)
25 February 2019 HONEY, Juliet - written submission (PDF, 111kB)
27 February 2019 DAVIES, Richard - written submission (PDF, 52kB)
27 February 2019 GILLSON, Peter - written submission (PDF, 40kB)
28 February 2019 Nillumbik Shire Council - written submission (PDF, 110kB)
Nillumbik Shire Council - mapping submission (KML, 197kB)
4 March 2019 Green Wedge Protection Group - written submission (PDF, 529kB)
Green Wedge Protection Group - mapping submission (KML, 135kB)
4 March 2019 RAMCHARAN, Ben - written submission (PDF, 429kB)
6 March 2019 CURTIS, Chris - written submission (PDF, 1.8MB)
7 March 2019 Nillumbik Residents for Representation - written submission (PDF, 493kB)
8 March 2019 MOORE, Ian - written submission (PDF, 1.6MB)
MOORE, Ian - mapping submission (KML, 135kB)
8 March 2019 VAN HELSEN, Anika - written submission (PDF, 129kB)
10 March 2019 ELLIS, Mel - written submission (PDF, 543kB)
10 March 2019 RUSSELL, Betty - written submission (PDF, 139kB)
11 March 2019 JOHNSON, Greg - written submission (PDF, 530kB)
11 March 2019 TAYLOR, Frank - written submission (PDF, 214kB)
11 March 2019 WALTERS, Bryan - written submission (PDF, 152kB)
12 March 2019 COPE, Kim - written submission (PDF, 124kB)
12 March 2019 SIMEONI, Luke - written submission (PDF, 519kB)
12 March 2019 Proportional Representation Society of Australia (Victoria-Tasmania) Inc - written submission (PDF, 184kB)
12 March 2019 BAILEY, Greg - written submission (PDF, 186kB)
12 March 2019 FITZPATRICK, Anne - written submission (PDF, 69kB)
12 March 2019 MACRAE, Don - written submission (PDF, 281kB)
12 March 2019 Nillumbik Ratepayers Association - written submission (PDF, 448kB)
13 March 2019 HOLMES, Janet - written submission (PDF, 325kB)
13 March 2019 LAOS, Linda - written submission (PDF, 113kB)
13 March 2019 MOORE, Marilyn - written submission (PDF, 321kB)
MOORE, Marilyn - mapping submission (KML, 152kB)
13 March 2019 NICHOLLS, David - written submission (PDF, 141kB)
13 March 2019 NIVEN, Rex - written submission (PDF, 159kB)
13 March 2019 McDONALD, Mark - written submission (PDF, 540kB)
13 March 2019 Warrandyte Community Association - written submission (PDF, 661kB)
13 March 2019 FOX, Megan - written submission (PDF, 521kB)
13 March 2019 SHNOOKAL, Liezl - written submission (PDF, 723kB)
13 March 2019 CRICHTON, Ingrid - written submission (PDF, 547kB)
13 March 2019 COLLUM, Alexander - written submission (PDF, 752kB)
13 March 2019 HACKETT, Colleen - written submission (PDF, 536kB)
13 March 2019 SLEIGH, Neville - written submission (PDF, 518kB)
13 March 2019 Nillumbik Pro Active Landowners - written submission (PDF, 959kB)
13 March 2019 ELDERFIELD, Barry - written submission (PDF, 518kB)
13 March 2019 ELDERFIELD, Lorraine - written submission (PDF, 518kB)

To open KML format files, you will need Geographic Information Systems software such as Google Earth (requires Google Chrome).

Disclaimer: the views expressed in submissions are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of the Victorian Electoral Commission.

If you would like to receive any of these files in a different format, please email the representation reviews team.

Preliminary report maps

Option A:

Option B:

Please note: TAB and KMZ formats are spatial data files that require Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to view. TAB can be opened with MapInfo and KMZ can be opened with Google Earth.

Voter numbers by locality

Nillumbik Shire Council - voter numbers by locality (PDF, 625kB)

2019 representation review submission guide

The guide outlines the range of issues you can address and includes important council information and examples.