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Voters Voice is a free app, developed by the Victorian Electoral Commission. It is designed to help people participate in the 2018 Victorian State election on Saturday 24 November if they:

  • have complex communication needs
  • have low literacy
  • have low English language ability
  • use Auslan.


The primary feature of the app is an electronic talking board for people who may not have, or who struggle with, speech. Custom voting phrases will assist them to vote in person at a voting centre in a dignified manner.

Information about enrolling and voting is available in plain English, Easy English, audio, video and Auslan. The app also includes a voting centre locator and can provide directions to the nearest early voting centre or election day voting centre.

Text-to-speech capability ensures that the text on all aspects of the app (except for the map) can be read out loud. Text within the communication board can be read or shown.


Voters Voice has been redeveloped for the 2018 State election for use on tablets and smart phones on iOS and Android operating systems.

Please note:

  • the app does not contain information on candidates standing in the election
  • the app cannot be used to cast a vote.
Screenshot of Voters Voice on a mobile.

About the app

The app has four main sections:

  • an electronic communication board
  • a voting centre locator*
  • Victorian enrolment checker*
  • information about enrolling and voting in this year’s State election.

State election information will include Easy English and plain English guides, an Auslan video about Victorian elections* and a short video for first time voters. An enrolment form can also be ordered from within the app*.

*An internet connection is required for these features

Screenshot of Voters Voice on a tablet.


Upon first use of the app the user will be prompted to add their name and address for use within the communication board. The only time this information is shared with the Victorian Electoral Commission is when an enrolment form is requested.


Voters Voice is the winner of: