2022 State election

This November, you will vote to elect the next Parliament of Victoria.

Every vote counts, and your vote matters. Every election is a chance for you to have a say about who represents you on the issues that you care about.

  • Electoral boundaries are changing

    Victoria's electoral boundaries are changing since the last election. This is known as a redivision.

    The district or region where you are enrolled to vote may change at this election, even if you haven't moved.

    See if the district or region you vote in will change on the electoral boundaries interactive map.

    What's changed?

    There will be 9 new districts, 9 districts will be removed, and most other district boundaries have been adjusted. Some districts have:

    • a new name
    • different boundaries
    • been newly created
    • been removed, with voters included in other districts.

    Find my district

    Do I need to do anything?

    If your district or region is changing because of the redivision, your enrolment details will be automatically updated - you don't need to do anything.

    Please take note of your new district or region when it's time to research your candidates and vote.

    If you do move home or change your name, it is still your responsibility to keep your enrolment up to date.

    Why do electoral boundaries change?

    Electoral boundaries need to be regularly adjusted to make sure that the number of people voting in each district is approximately the same.

    This way, everyone's vote has the same value.

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  • COVIDsafe election

    A State election is a major event where people come together to participate in democracy. Your health and safety and that of our staff is our top priority.

    We're putting a range of COVIDsafe measures in place this election to make sure you can vote safely and conveniently.

    Our full COVIDsafe Election Plan will be available in August.

    Your safety

    COVID-19 safety measures will be in place at all voting centres and with any activity that supports the election.

    Safety measures will include:

    • providing you with your own single-use pencil for voting
    • hand sanitiser available at every voting centre
    • social distancing as appropriate.

    Postal votes will be issued in 'press and seal' envelopes.

    We'll be following the latest health advice to help minimise or stop the spread of COVID-19.

    No restrictions based on vaccination status

    All enrolled Victorians will be able to vote in the State election, regardless of vaccination status.

    What if I have to isolate during the election?

    We are developing our COVIDsafe election plan. It will include ways that you'll be able to vote if you must isolate or fall sick with COVID-19 during the election.

  • Become a candidate

    If you wish to stand as a candidate in this election, nominations will:

    • open on Wednesday 2 November
    • close at 12 noon on Thursday 10 November for candidates endorsed by a registered political party
    • close at 12 noon on Friday 11 November for independent candidates.

    Registered political parties must nominate their endorsed candidates directly with us.

    If you want to stand as an independent candidate, you can use Candidate Helper to complete your nomination form online.

    Candidate Helper will be available from Wednesday 19 October.

    To stand as an independent candidate you must lodge your nomination form and deposit in person at an election office in the district or region you are nominating in.

    Election office locations, opening hours and contact details will be available in the Candidate Helper.

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  • Campaigning

    You can start campaigning at any time, even before nominations have opened.

    When campaigning, consider the following:

    • all electoral campaign material must be properly authorised so it is clear who is accountable for it
    • all non-electoral laws, such as those relating to defamation, still apply
    • you must not distribute material that is likely to mislead voters into casting their vote incorrectly
    • as soon as you publicly declare your intention to stand as a candidate, disclosure of political donations rules apply to you (even if you don’t end up nominating).

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  • Political donations

    There are strict laws that regulate political donations in Victoria, including:

    • who can make a political donation
    • the maximum value of political donations
    • disclosure of political donations made and received
    • foreign donations are banned.

    If you give or receive a political donation of $1080 or more, you must report it online through VEC Disclosures.

    A donor cannot donate more than $4320 to any one recipient within 4 years.

    VEC Disclosures

    More information

  • Work at the election

    Elections are a fundamental part of democracy in Victoria.

    During a State election, we hire up to 20,000 more staff for a range of important jobs.

    We particularly want to hear from you if you speak multiple languages, are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, live with a disability or are 18-29 years old.

    Many jobs involve working in a voting centre, but there are also jobs in the lead up to election day and after election day.

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