What happens at a voting centre?

When you vote at a voting centre, an election official will ask:

  • your name and address
  • if you have already voted in the election.

They will also:

  • confirm your electorate
  • mark your name on the roll to record you have voted
  • give you your ballot papers.

You will then be directed to a voting compartment so you can fill in your ballot papers privately. You must then place your completed ballot papers in the ballot boxes.

Get help at a voting centre

Help from a trusted person

You can ask someone you trust (like a friend, family member, or carer) to come with you to a voting centre and help you fill out your ballot papers. It is important that this person fills out your ballot paper the way you tell them to.

Help from election staff

Our election staff are happy to help you fill out your ballot papers. We’ll be wearing maroon vests, so we’ll be easy to find at a voting centre.

Wheelchair access

Each voting centre is audited and given an accessibility rating. 

You’ll be able to look up each voting centre’s accessibility rating online, along with accessibility information, from Wednesday 2 November. 

Assistive devices

All voting centres will have:

  • at least one accessible voting screen or a table-top voting screen
  • magnifying sheets
  • maxi pencils.

All early voting centres will have everything listed above, as well as a hearing loop. 

Information for carers

Download our guide for carers. It has enrolment and voting advice for families and carers of people with a cognitive disability or impairment.

Get help in your language

For every major election we translate information on how to enrol, find your candidates and vote into 20 languages, including Auslan.

Some of our election staff can speak other languages as well as English. At a voting centre, they’ll be wearing a sticker to let you know which languages they speak. 

Find election information in your language. You can also talk to us in any language by phoning 03 9209 0112 during business hours.


We are providing Auslan interpreters on-demand via video link during the early voting period of the 2022 State election. We’ll let you know how to access this service closer to the election, so please check back on this page.

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