Narracan District supplementary election

Voting has now closed. 

Vote counting is underway and results will be progressively updated over the coming weeks until they are officially declared.

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Didn't vote?

You may receive an ‘Apparent failure to vote’ notice in a few months if you were required to vote in this election and it appears you have not.

This notice gives you the chance to explain why you did not vote - it is not a fine. More information about fines and reviews.

More information

  • Interstate or overseas?

    If you were interstate or overseas during this election and couldn’t vote, you should let us know. Go to Check my Enrolment, enter your details and complete the ‘Away from Victoria’ form.

    Check my enrolment

    If you applied for a postal vote from interstate or overseas, for your vote to count, your completed ballot paper must arrive back to us by Friday 3 February.

    If you have moved permanently interstate, update your details with the Australian Electoral Commission. They will notify us that you have moved.

  • Enrolment for this election

    This election used the roll created for the 2022 State election. If you were correctly enrolled in Narracan District at as 8 pm on 8 November 2022, you were required to vote in this election.

    If you have moved out of Narracan District but were enrolled there on 8 November 2022, you were still required to vote in this election. You should still update your enrolment details.

    Check my enrolment

    Update my enrolment

  • Political donations

    There are strict laws that regulate political donations in Victoria, including:

    • who can make a political donation
    • the maximum value of political donations
    • disclosure of political donations made and received
    • foreign donations are banned.

    If you give or receive a political donation of $1080 or more, you must report it online through VEC Disclosures.

    You cannot donate more than $4320 to any one recipient within 4 years.

    VEC Disclosures

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