Narracan District failed election

The election to be held on Saturday 26 November in Narracan District has failed due to the passing of candidate Shaun Gilchrist.

A failed election occurs when a candidate passes away after the close of nominations and before election day. If this happens, the election cannot proceed and a supplementary election will be held at a later date.

All ballots already cast in Narracan District will be set aside.

You are still required to vote in the Eastern Victoria Region

Voters in Narracan District must still vote for the Eastern Victoria Region election. Failure to do so may result in a fine.

Already voted?

If you have already voted in Narracan District for the 2022 State election you don't need to do anything further.

Haven't voted yet?

If you live in Narracan District and haven't yet voted you must still vote in the Eastern Victoria Region election.

You can cast an early vote before 6 pm on Friday 25 November, or vote on election day (Saturday 26 November). At the voting centre, you will only receive the large ballot paper for Eastern Victoria Region.

Find a voting centre

Voting by post?

When you receive your ballot pack in the mail, please complete and return the larger ballot paper for the upper house only. You can either return or discard the small ballot paper for the lower house seat of Narracan District.