Check my enrolment

Check my details

Use Check my enrolment to check your details on the roll for Victorian State and local council elections.

When checking your enrolment, you can sign up to VoterAlert, our free SMS and email reminder service. When you sign up to VoterAlert, we will send you reminders about elections in your area.

Your federal enrolment details from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) are shared with us. If you have checked your enrolment with the AEC, you don't need to verify it again.

Check my enrolment

If you are a silent elector, please call our enrolment helpline on 1300 805 478. Your details will not appear online.

2024 local council elections

Local council elections will be held this October by post. Please check your enrolment details and make sure your postal address is correct - where we will send your ballot pack.

When you check your enrolment, the results show the electoral structures and internal ward boundaries that will apply at the local council elections.

Help using Check my enrolment

Having trouble finding your details in Check my enrolment? Answers to our most common questions are below. If you don't see your question here, please contact us on 1300 805 478.

  • Why can't I find my enrolment?

    To protect your privacy you must enter your name and address exactly as they appear on the electoral roll.

    You may not be able to find your enrolment online if you:

    • did not enter your full given name including any middle names
    • have changed your name
    • are enrolled at a different address
    • are a silent elector and your details have been hidden to protect your privacy.
  • What given name should I use to check my enrolment?

    You should enter your given names(s), exactly as they appear on the electoral roll (e.g. Robert John).

    If you are unable to confirm your enrolment try:

    • including your middle name
    • using different versions of your name (e.g. the full or shortened versions of your given name or your middle name)
    • using another given name (e.g. if your given name is Giovanni, try John)
    • using a former name if you have changed your given name
    • double checking the spelling
    • reversing or changing the order of your given name(s).

    Check my enrolment

  • What family name should I use to check my enrolment?

    You should enter your family name (also known as your surname or last name) exactly as it appears on the electoral roll.

    If you are unable to confirm your enrolment try:

    • using your former family name (if you have previously changed your name)
    • checking your family name is entered in the 'family name' field, and not in the 'given name/s' field
    • double checking the spelling
    • checking if the order of your family name and given name/s can be reversed.

    Check my enrolment

  • What does ‘Suburb or locality’ mean?

    Locality means suburb or town.

    To search your locality, start typing your suburb or town and choose from the dropdown menu that appears.

    If you don't enter the suburb or town that matches your enrolment record, you will not be able to check your enrolment.

    If you are unable to check your enrolment, try:

    • a suburb or town from a previously enrolled address
    • a neighbouring suburb or town that has the same postcode. For example, Manor Lakes and Wyndham Vale have the same postcode (3024).

    Check my enrolment

  • What details do I need to provide for my street?

    Begin typing your street name and then pick the matching street from the drop down list that appears.

    Do not include your house number, only your street name.

    You can leave the 'Street name' field blank if your enrolment does not have a street name.

    Check my enrolment

  • I'm a silent elector. Why can't I check my enrolment online?

    If you have applied to be a silent elector, your details will be hidden and you will not be able to check them online.

    If you're a silent elector, call our enrolment helpline on 1300 805 478 to check your enrolment.

  • I’ve searched using a different name and address and I still can’t find my enrolment

    If you can't confirm your enrolment online, you may still be on the electoral roll.

    Please contact us on 1300 805 478 and we can check your enrolment.

  • When do I need to update my enrolment?

    If you have changed your name or moved house, you must update your enrolment online with the Australian Electoral Commission, otherwise you could be removed from the roll and will be unable to vote.

    The Australian Electoral Commission shares your enrolment with us so we can update our records.

    We cannot update your enrolment over the phone or by email.

  • How long does it take to process my enrolment application or update my enrolment?

    It can take up to 2 weeks for your new or updated enrolment to appear online.

    You can check the progress of your enrolment application online with the Australian Electoral Commission.

  • Will you remind me to check or update my enrolment?

    Yes! If you sign up to VoterAlert, we will send you an SMS or email when there is an election coming up.

    Once you've confirmed your enrolment, you can subscribe to receive VoterAlerts by clicking on 'Update contact details'.

    More information about VoterAlert.

  • How do I check if I’m a council-enrolled voter for a local council election?

    To check if you're a council-enrolled voter, contact your council directly.

    To find out more about council-enrolled voters, visit enrolling for local council elections.

  • Where can I find more information about enrolment in Victoria?

    For more information about enrolment, who must enrol to vote, and when to update your enrolment, visit Enrol to vote.