Political donations

Victoria’s Electoral Act 2002 regulates political donations for State elections.

Banned donations

The following political donations are banned in Victorian State elections:

  • foreign donations (donations may only be given by Australian citizens, residents or businesses*)
  • anonymous donations of $1,040 or more.

* A business recognised by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Disclosure rules at a glance

  • Anyone who makes or receives a policital donation of $1,040 or more must disclose it using the VEC online disclosure system, VEC Disclosureswithin 21 days or making or receiving the donation.
  • There is a $4,160 limit on donations made and received within an election period (i.e. the period between State elections).
  • Anyone who may receive a donation must open and maintain a dedicated State campaign account for donations.

These amounts are indexed according to CPI and will change on 1 July each year. 

Make and view disclosures

Visit the online disclosure system, VEC Disclosures, to disclose a political donation you have made or received. You can also view donations that have been disclosed or submit an annual return.
VEC Disclosures is best viewed in Chrome.

Go to VEC Disclosures
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Information for recipients

Learn more about who is a recipient and their obligations.

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Information for donors

Learn more about who is a donor and their obligations.

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More information

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