Feedback and complaints

We welcome feedback, it gives us an opportunity to improve our services.

Make a complaint

We consider a complaint to be:

  • a person or organisation telling us they are unhappy with a product or service
  • something that requires an investigation and response.

You can make a complaint if you:

  • are dissatisfied with one of our services, processes or programs
  • believe we have not met our quality of service standards
  • believe there has been a breach of the Electoral Act 2002 by a candidate, party, organisation or individual.

You can make a complaint by completing our online form:

Make a complaint

Give us feedback

We consider feedback to be:

  • a suggestion on something we can improve
  • a compliment, telling us what we are doing well or should continue doing.

You can provide feedback by completing our online form:

Provide feedback

Other ways to give feedback

Feedback and complaints can be made verbally or in writing. You can:

How we handle complaints

We will review your complaint in line with our complaints policy. We will treat your information respectfully and in confidence.

Step 1 - acknowledgement We respond to you letting you know we have received your complaint and give you a case number.
Step 2 - assignment Your complaint is assigned to one of our staff to investigate. Some complaints fall outside our responsibilities and we may refer you to another agency.
Step 3 - investigation We investigate your complaint.
Step 4 - response We respond to your complaint.

How long it takes us to respond

We respond to most complaints within five working days. Occasionally, it may take us longer.

Withdrawing a complaint

You can withdraw a complaint at any time, but we may continue to investigate it.

If you are unhappy with our response

You can request a reassessment of your complaint. This is an opportunity to tell us the outcome you would like. We will aim to respond within 10 working days. If we think it's going to take longer, we will let you know.

After the reassessment, if you are still unhappy with our response, you can contact:

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