Freedom of information

You have the right by law to request documents from us.

The law is the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act).

You can request:

  • documents about our activities
  • documents about your personal affairs
  • that we amend or remove information about you that is incorrect or misleading.

Our Freedom of Information Officer makes decisions about access to documents.

They will inform you of their decision in no longer than 30 days from the date they receive your request.

How to make a request

You can make a request yourself, or authorise another person to make a request for you.

If you want someone to make a request for you about your personal information, you must give them your written permission.

To make a request:

  • post or email your request to us
  • clearly describe the documents you are requesting access to. If the documents are about your personal information, you must give us evidence of your identity, for example, a copy of your drivers licence
  • include the application fee or evidence that you qualify to have the fee waived.

The application fee between 1 July 2023 and 30 June 2024 is $31.80. This fee changes every year.


Some documents are exempt from release under the FOI Act.

This means:

  • we may not be able to give you access to them
  • we may only be able to give you access to part of them.

We will respond to you in writing if the documents you requested are exempt or partially exempt. We will also explain our reasons and how you can have the decision reviewed.

How to correct personal information

To ask us to change personal information in a VEC document, you must do so in writing. You need to include:

  • your contact address and telephone number
  • the changes that you would like us to make
  • why you believe the information should be changed.


To make a request, write to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Victorian Electoral Commission
Level 11, 530 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Phone: (03) 8620 1100


Information we keep (FOI Act Part II statements)

The FOI Act requires us to publish a range of information about:

  • our functions and procedures
  • the types of documents we keep
  • reports and publications
  • FOI arrangements.

Part II statements

  • Statement 1 - organisation and functions

    We began operation in 1996.

    • General information about us, including our functions and strategic plan, can be found in About us
    • Information about the laws governing us can be found in Legislation
    • Our organisational structure is available in the latest annual report
    • Contact details can be found in Contact us.
  • Statement 2 - categories of documents

    Document types

    To meet our legislative obligations, we create and receive a range of documents, including:

    • those required to conduct election events and engage people entitled to vote, including a register of electors
    • those required to conduct representation and subdivision reviews
    • those required to provide education services
    • position and research papers including surveys.

    We release information through online and print channels, in different formats and languages to assist in making it available to the public.

    We also create and receive a range of documents as a government agency, including:

    • contracts
    • financial records
    • risk
    • audit
    • information management
    • information technology
    • human resource information
    • policies and procedures
    • training material
    • complaints
    • strategic planning and reporting.

    This list is indicative only.

    Document categories

    Our documents are organised by:

    • election event
    • review
    • educational campaign
    • research initiative
    • corporate business function.

    This list is indicative only.

  • Statement 3 - freedom of information arrangements

    Under the FOI Act, you have the right to request information and access to documents about your personal affairs and in certain cases, our activities.

    We attempt to respond to all FOI requests in a timely manner, outside of the FOI process, reducing an applicant’s costs and effort.

  • Statement 4 - publications

    You can download and read any of our publicly available publications.

  • Statement 5 - rules, policies and procedures
  • Statement 6 - report literature

    Documents not available on our website can be requested from:

    Freedom of Information Officer
    Victorian Electoral Commission
    Level 11, 530 Collins Street
    Melbourne, Victoria 3000

    Phone: 131 832