Get help to enrol

Find out who can help you enrol to vote, and how you can act on behalf of someone who needs help to complete their enrolment form.

Getting help to enrol

You can ask someone you know to help you enrol.

You can ask a support person, such as a friend or family member, to help you complete your enrolment form, or to complete your form for you.

It’s best to enrol early as it makes voting much easier and faster, but you can also enrol on election day at a voting centre.

Your support person can help you enrol online or at a voting centre.

Whichever way you enrol, you need to sign the form. If you cannot sign your name, you can use the enrolment form for people who are unable to sign.

If you can’t complete the form, ask your support person to read the information further down this page, as they may be able to act on your behalf.

Help someone else to enrol

If you know someone who isn’t able to complete or sign their enrolment form, you may be able to help.

With your assistance, they will be able to have their voice heard in an election.

Our guide for families, carers and supporters of people with a cognitive impairment due to disabilities or age-related illnesses is full of tips and advice for helping someone you care for to enrol and vote in an election.

Download guide for families, carers and supporters.

We can help you work out the best enrolment form to use. You can also ask us to post you a form if that is more convenient than enrolling online or downloading a form.

Contact us if you have any questions about helping someone to enrol.

Phone: 1300 805 478

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If you’re enrolling to vote for the first time, or you need to update your enrolment details, like your name or address, there are different ways you can do this.

You can go to the VEC website at and follow the instructions to enrol or update your details online.

If you would prefer to enrol or update your details using a paper form, you can do this too. You can download an enrolment form from the VEC website or call 131 832 to request to have one sent to you.

You should remember to update your enrolment details if your name or postal address changes. Remember, when you move house, you need to have lived in your home for 30 days before updating your enrolment and you must then update your details within 21 days.

If it’s your first time enrolling – because you recently turned 18, or maybe because you recently became an Australian citizen – congratulations! Voting in elections ensures a healthy democracy and being enrolled means you’ll be ready to have your say at election time.