Our regulatory approach

Regulatory approach

Video Transcript

I am very aware that Victorians rightly expect the Victorian Electoral Commission to take its

role seriously in not just conducting State elections, but also ensuring

all election participants play by the rules. It is therefore important all those participants

know what the rules are. Accordingly I have published the Commission's regulatory approach,

to provide transparency and predictability in our compliance responses.

We have taken feedback from the public on board and this has matured and improved

our responses to non-compliance with the law. This marks an important reset of the

Commission's approach that is consistent with the practice of modern regulators.

Most Victorians require minimal support to comply with their obligations under the Electoral Act.

Our priority is to educate and support electoral participants to meet their obligations.

Where education and support fail to address non-compliance or we believe an offence has been

committed, the Commission will investigate or take action that is in balance with the level of harm.

We will also refer matters to other State and federal integrity and enforcement bodies where

needed. All these steps must be proportional and consistent with the law and natural justice.

A big part of the Commission's regulatory activity is ensuring that those subject to Victoria's

political funding and disclosure laws are meeting their obligations. My priorities here are:

non-monetary disclosures, disclosures related to fundraising events, donations that are not

disclosed within 21 days and donations that exceed the general donation cap of $4,320.

It is critical for electoral participants to be alert to these obligations.

I trust the publication of the Commission's regulatory approach

assists all electoral participants to understand how the Commission will address compliance,

investigation and enforcement and I commit to its regular review.

The publication of the Commission's regulatory approach reflects my duty to transparently and

properly administer the Electoral Act and safeguard Victoria's democracy.