How voting works

Australia is a representative democracy. You elect people to make decisions on your behalf. 

It is your right and responsibility to vote. Voting makes sure that the people who are elected are those that the majority of people prefer. 

Federal elections and referendums

Federal elections and referendums are conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

Go to the AEC website

State elections

In a State election you can vote at any voting centre in Victoria on election day. Other ways you can vote include:

  • before election day at any early voting centre in Victoria or interstate
  • by post
  • by phone (if eligible).

You can also apply to become a general postal voter to have your ballot pack posted to you for all future State elections.

Local council elections

Local council elections are held by post. We mail ballot packs to all voters so you can complete your vote and post it back before the voting deadline. You can also hand deliver it to the election office in your council area.