Ward boundary reviews

At the request of the Minister for Local Government, we review the internal boundaries (wards) of a council when the number of voters per councillor is forecast to be outside the legislated +/- 10% tolerance in one or more wards at the next local council election. This makes sure each voter is represented equally. 

This process is called a ward boundary review. 

Councils under review

There are 10 local councils that must have their ward boundaries reviewed. You can have your say on these boundaries. 

The reviews are being held in 3 rounds and will finish in April.

Find councils under review

Why the reviews are being held

We hold a review if the number of voters per councillor in any ward at the next council general election is forecast to be:

  • 10% more than the average across the council
  • 10% less than the average across the council.

What the reviews do not cover

A ward boundary review cannot:

  • change the number of councillors
  • split or combine wards
  • change the external boundaries of a local council
  • change the name of wards
  • split or combine local councils.

What happens at the end of a review

We make a recommendation to the Minister for Local Government at the end of each review. It is up to the minister to review the recommendation and decide on the final ward boundaries for that council.

Once the minister has made their decision, any changes are expected to apply at the October 2024 local council elections.

Have your say

Your input is valuable. As a local, you know your council area better than anyone. This is your chance to share your ideas about the ward boundaries you believe would give your community the best representation. This is known as a submission.

Find which councils are under review and submission open dates.