State boundary reviews

We provide support to the Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC). The EBC sets the boundaries of State districts and regions.

It also reviews these boundaries. This is known as a redivision.

A redivision is a consultative process that invites submissions from all members of the public, political parties and others.

What is a State boundary review?

A State boundary review (or a redivision) is the review and adjustment of Victoria's State electoral boundaries. There is one happening right now, and you're invited to share your ideas.

Help to shape your State. Victorians can help to shape their State in the redivision of Victorian electoral boundaries.

Victoria’s State electoral boundaries are regularly redrawn to make sure that they’re approximately equal in numbers of voters, and Victorians are invited to contribute their ideas about the boundaries.

Who draws the boundaries? The Electoral Boundaries Commission (or the EBC) decides the boundaries and the names for the electorates. The EBC is independent of the Government, and is made up of the Chief Judge of the County Court, the Electoral Commissioner and the Surveyor-General. The EBC invites submissions from Victorians, and takes submissions into account when deciding on the boundaries.

How do I make a submission? First, check out the EBC website, – it’s full of the information you need.

You can map your proposed boundaries online using the new Public Submission Tool. The tool allows you to move areas to create your own electorates. You can make a submission about the whole State, or just about the area that interests you. You can suggest new names for the electorates as well.

Remember, electorates must be approximately equal – the number of voters can’t vary by more than 10% from the State average. Also, you should think about the community of interest and population trends. You can also email

Your submission will be published on the EBC website and will contribute to decisions about the boundaries.

When do I make a submission? Stage one submissions are open until 1 March 2021. The EBC will release proposed boundaries on 30 June. Victorians will then have a month to make a stage two submission about the proposed boundaries. The final boundaries will be released in October. They will be the boundaries for the 2022 State election. For more information, visit

When will the next redivision be held?

A State redivision began in December 2020 and will finish in October 2021.

Any changes to the State electoral boundaries will apply at the next Victorian State election in November 2022.

For more information about the redivision and to make a submission, visit the Electoral Boundaries Commission website.

Redivision calendar

Please note: Dates are provisional and are subject to change.



16 December 2020 Information session
Stage one submissions opened
5 pm 1 March 2021 
Stage one submissions closed
29 March to 2 April 2021 Stage one online public hearings
30 June 2021 Proposed electoral boundaries released
Stage two submissions opened
5 pm 30 July 2021 Stage two submissions closed
17–18 August 2021 Stage two online public hearings
28 October 2021 Final electoral boundaries released

Federal boundary redistribution

A federal boundary redistribution is also currently underway in Victoria. This is a separate process conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission. For information about the federal boundary redistribution, visit the Australian Electoral Commission website.