State boundary reviews

We provide support to the Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC). The EBC set the State district and region boundaries.

They also regularly review these boundaries. This is known as a redivision.

A redivision is a consultative process that invites submissions from all members of the public, political parties and any interested groups.

The last State electoral boundary redivision completed in October 2021, and electoral boundaries have changed as a result of the redivision process.

All changes came into effect on Tuesday 1 November, when the writ for the 2022 State election was issued.

What changed

The redivision created 9 new districts, removed 9 districts, renamed one region, and adjusted most other boundaries.

When is the next redivision?

Electoral boundary redivisions can be triggered when:

  • there have been two State elections since the last redivision
  • enrolment in some electorates is substantially different to the average number of voters in an electorate for a sustained period
  • there is a change to the number of districts or regions.

When the next electoral boundary redivision is called, we will provide more information.

More information

To learn more about the electoral boundary changes, you can:

To learn more about electoral boundary redivisions, visit