State boundary reviews

We provide support to the Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC). The EBC sets the boundaries of State districts and regions.

It also reviews these boundaries. This is known as a redivision.

A redivision is a consultative process that invites submissions from all members of the public, political parties and others.

When was the last redivision?

The last State electoral boundary redivision concluded in October 2021 and the final boundaries have been released. 

Any changes to the State electoral boundaries will apply at the next Victorian State election in November 2022.

This means the electorate you vote in may change, even if you have not changed address.

Get to know the new boundaries by:

For more information about redivisions, visit the Electoral Boundaries Commission's website.

2020-21 redivision calendar



16 December 2020 Information session
Stage one submissions opened
5 pm 1 March 2021 
Stage one submissions closed
29 March to 2 April 2021 Stage one online public hearings
30 June 2021 Proposed electoral boundaries released
Stage two submissions opened
5 pm 30 July 2021 Stage two submissions closed
17–18 August 2021 Stage two online public hearings
28 October 2021 Final electoral boundaries released