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There are more voting process explainers on our YouTube account.

Attending a voting centre

We're happy to have people from the media come to voting centres to film or record. We will be publishing a list of times and locations that you can attend on election day and during the early voting period later in the year.

You can attend a voting centre or other location outside of these times but you must contact our media team at beforehand.

There are some rules you must follow while you are on site.

  • Don't disrupt the activities of the voting centre.
  • Follow all instructions from the person in charge of the location you're at. 
  • Do not enter or film in the secure ballot paper zones.
  • Respect voters' secrecy and privacy. Do not record them making their vote in any close detail.
  • Don't touch ballot papers or any other electoral materials.
  • Don't interfere with scrutineers and their right to observe electoral activities.
  • Let us know which voting centre you want to visit before you arrive. 

Email our Communication team to arrange your voting centre visit. 

Results feed

Media outlets can sign up to receive our results feed as soon as they are available on election night. Results come through as a .XML file, which we make available to the public.

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