Further countback for Moreland City Council

Friday 18 March 2022

For immediate release

A further countback to fill an extraordinary vacancy in North-West Ward within Moreland City Council will be held at 10 am on Monday 21 March, following the resignation of Councillor Milad El-Halabi.

The countback is required after Shaun Minehan, the successful candidate at the countback held on Wednesday 16 March, did not complete and return the declaration of qualification to become a councillor within the prescribed 48 hour period.

The countback will include the remaining unsuccessful candidates from the October 2020 general election who are eligible to participate in the countback.

The countback will be held online and a link to the countback will be made available on the VEC website at vec.vic.gov.au from 9:30 am on Monday 21 March.

Scrutineers and interested parties may observe the countback.

The result will be published online at vec.vic.gov.au.