About us

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About us

We are an independent and impartial body established under Victoria's Electoral Act 2002.

We hold:

  • State elections
  • local council elections
  • some statutory elections and polls.

We also:

  • maintain the register of Victorian electors (the electoral roll)
  • promote public awareness and understanding of electoral issues
  • support the Electoral Boundaries Commission
  • administer Victoria’s political funding and donations disclosure rules.

Electoral Commissioner

Sven Bluemmel was appointed Electoral Commissioner in August 2023. He previously served as the inaugural Victorian Information Commissioner, Western Australian Information Commissioner and has held senior positions in the Western Australian and Commonwealth public sectors. Mr Bluemmel practised law in the private sector in Melbourne and Perth in the areas of information and privacy law. He is a fellow of Leadership Western Australia and served as President of the Institute of Public Administration in Western Australia for three years.

Mr Bluemmel holds a Bachelor of Laws with Honours and a Bachelor of Science, both from the Australian National University.

Photo of Victorian Electoral Commissioner Sven Bluemmel

Electoral Commissioner Sven Bluemmel

Our vision

All Victorians actively participating in their democracy.

Our purpose

To deliver high quality, accessible electoral services with innovation, integrity and independence.

Our values

  • Independence: we act with impartiality and integrity.
  • Accountability: we are transparent and manage resources effectively.
  • Innovation: we shape our future through creativity and leadership.
  • Respect: we are considerate of ourselves, others and the environment.
  • Collaboration: we work as a team with partners and communities.

Strategy 2027

Strategy 2027 was launched in August 2023. It sets out what is important to us as we face an increasingly complex and dynamic operating environment.

Our 4-year goal: We have the people and processes we need to navigate a complex environment and build trust in democracy.

Outcomes and success measures

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Outcome: We are trusted to deliver electoral services with integrity and high quality.

Success measures:

  • Our electoral performance measures indicate we deliver high quality services.
  • Our reputation, media impact and confidence scores indicate that the public and stakeholders trust us. 
  • We implement a framework where electoral integrity is at the centre of everything we do.
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Outcome: we deliver a great voter experience.

Success measures:

  • Take up and satisfaction with accessible options indicate we minimise barriers to vote.
  • Our education and outreach activities make a positive impact on under-represented communities' participation and knowledge of voting.
  • Voter satisfaction with our services improves.
  • We clearly articulate a reform agenda that allows us to make meaningful recommendations for regulatory and legislative change.
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Processes and systems

Outcome: our processs and systems respond to a complex environment. 

Success measures:

  • Our projects are delivered as planned.
  • Our processes are continuously improving.
  • Voter, candidate and party satisfaction with our digital services shows the online user experience is improving.
  • We deliver a strong governance framework for regulatory activities.
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Outcome: our people are capable, engaged and satisfied. 

Success measures: 

  • We have a sustainable workforce that allows us to deliver our services and manage workloads.
  • Our people are engaged, satisfied, have high levels of wellbeing and they reflect the diversity of Victoria.
  • Our people are capable, have access to training and can advance their careers.