The electoral roll

The register of electors is a list of the names and addresses of people who are eligible to vote. The register of electors is also referred to as the 'electoral roll'.

When an election is called, a date is set for the 'close of roll'. On that date a snapshot is taken of the register of electors, which becomes the roll for that election.

When you vote, your name is checked against the roll to ensure that:

  • you are voting for the right Region, District or council relevant to your enrolled address
  • everyone who is enrolled votes
  • no person votes more than once.

Who has access to the electoral roll?

The Electoral Act 2002 requires or allows the VEC to:

  • Make available a copy of the roll for public view. You can view the electoral roll at the VEC's head office. The roll cannot be browsed online.
  • Provide information about electors to political parties, Members of Parliament and candidates. This includes name and address but not phone number or email address.
  • Make roll information available to certain individuals or organisations if it is in the public interest. This decision is made by the Victorian Electoral Commissioner after consultation with the Privacy Commissioner.

The details of silent electors are excluded from the above.

For more information about who has access to the electoral roll please read Privacy and enrolment information

Can I buy a copy of the roll?

The roll is not published or made available for sale to the public.

Some marketing companies may tell you they obtained your details from the electoral roll. This may be because the roll was available for sale before 2002 and these companies may still be using an out-dated document.