Postal voting

Find out about postal voting and General postal voting.

Voting via post is the most common voting method for local council elections.

General postal voters

General postal voters are people who always vote via post. They are automatically sent a ballot pack for every election, and must complete and return it before election day.

To become a general postal voter you must:

  • live 20km from a voting centre
  • be seriously ill or infirm, or caring for someone who is
  • be 70 or more years old
  • be in prison (but still on the electoral roll)
  • be a silent elector or
  • be unable to attend on election day for religious reasons.

The application form to register (PDF, 1.0MB) as a general postal voter must be received by the close of rolls.

People who register as general postal voters on grounds of age will not automatically receive a ballot pack for Federal elections.

Assistance with voting

If you need help to complete your ballot papers, you can ask someone else to complete them on your behalf. That person may need to sign the declaration envelope stating that you are unable to sign your name.

Local council postal elections

For local council postal elections, the VEC will automatically post ballot packs to each voter after nominations have closed. You do not need to register as a postal voter.

To vote via post for a local council attendance election, you must lodge the application for a postal vote from the day after nominations have closed. The application must be received by midday on the Thursday before election day.

Your completed ballot papers must reach the Returning Officer by 6.00 pm on election day, either by handing them in at a voting centre or via post.

Postal voting in State elections

Postal voting is available if you cannot attend a voting centre during a State election. Postal vote applications can be made during the State election period in any of the following ways:

  • online at
  • contacting an election office
  • Australia Post offices in Victoria
  • call 131 832.
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