Conclusion of the Disability Action Plan 2016-2019

The VEC Disability Action Plan (DAP) 2016-2019 concluded on 30 June 2019. Of the 43 deliverables, 39 were successfully completed (91%). These aimed to improve the access and inclusion of people with disabilities in the electoral process.

The following highlights were achieved during 2018-19:

  • the Voters Voice app was relaunched for the 2018 State election to assist people with communication disabilities
  • 1,199 people accessed the Telephone Assisted Voting (TAV) service, which was available to people with low vision, blindness and/or a motor impairment
  • an Easy English State election publication was created and distributed throughout Victoria and online
  • Democracy Ambassadors with a lived experience of disability were employed to provide outreach education
  • there was an increase of fully wheelchair accessible voting centres from 17% in 2014, to 24% for the 2018 State election
  • accessibility information for early voting centres and election day voting centres was available through the VEC website and the Voters Voice App.

The outcomes achieved during the last three years were only made possible by the invaluable input from the Electoral Access Advisory Group, a range of community stakeholders and the dedication of VEC staff.

A new Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2019-2023 will be launched in December 2019.

The Voters Voice app

The Voters Voice app