We conduct research and also commission suitable external agents to produce reports on electoral issues as they arise.

Research panel

Our online research panel is made up of a large, randomly-selected group of voters that is representative of the broader Victorian community.

We draw on the panel to research important election matters. The data we collect helps us make evidence-based decisions and communication and service improvements.

We regularly invite panel members to give their feedback and opinions on a range of election topics, including:

  • major election events
  • voter engagement and communication
  • voting behaviours and expectations
  • information voters need at election
  • our performance.

The panel membership is renewed about once a year. If you'd like to learn more, email

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation plans measure the effectiveness of our action and inclusion plans. Our action and inclusion plans are:

Program logics list the activities that will produce our intended results. These logic documents guide our evaluation.