Funding and disclosure

New funding and disclosure laws came into effect from August 2018. An integral component of these laws involves an online disclosure system for political donations to parties and candidates. Since the system was launched on 25 November 2018; a total of 26 donations have been disclosed.

The laws impose bans or caps on certain donations, provide greater transparency through disclosure and real-time reconciliation of political donations, and introduce new public funding streams for Victoria’s parliamentary elections.

A significant focus of the VEC’s administration and enforcement work has been to build community awareness and understanding of the new funding and disclosure obligations. The Commission identified stakeholders and system users —including registered political parties, elected members and donors— and provided information through face-to-face and online training sessions, presentations, advertising and social media. The VEC also published a range of online resources and guides.

As at the end of the reporting period, all registered political parties had completed system registration and all published donations lodged in the system had been reconciled.

More information about the new funding and disclosure laws can be found on the VEC’s website at