How to vote

The Victorian State election is on Saturday 24 November 2018.

There are many ways you can cast your vote in this election.

At early or election day voting centres

You can vote in person at any early or election day voting centre. Details on voting centre locations will be available on this website from late October.

In early November, every household will receive an Election Guide in the mail. The guide will list all voting centres in your district, but you can vote at any voting centre in Victoria.

Early voting centres

Early voting centres in Victoria, interstate and overseas will be open from 9.00 am Monday 12 to 6.00 pm Friday 23 November.

Election day voting centres

On Saturday 24 November, almost 1,800 voting centres across Victoria will be open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

You can vote at any voting centre in the State. If you vote outside your District, it may take longer.

Mobile voting centres

The VEC provides mobile voting services to hospitals, nursing homes, aged care facilities, prisons, homeless support agencies and centres for people who are blind or have low vision.

If you are not sure if your family member’s facility is registered for mobile voting, please check with the facility directly.

Voting by post

If you cannot get to a voting centre, you can apply for a postal vote.

Postal voting is also available for:

  • people who will be interstate, overseas, or in remote locations
  • members of the armed forces deployed overseas or interstate.

Applications will be open from 31 October to 6.00 pm Wednesday 21 November 2018.

Find out more about Postal voting.

Braille ballot papers

The VEC has a register of voters who have requested braille ballot papers at a State election. Before the election, we will contact people on the register to confirm they still want braille ballot papers.

Voters who want to register to have braille ballot papers sent to them can do so by calling the VEC on (03) 8620 1122 from Monday 3 September to Wednesday 31 October 2018.

Braille ballot papers will be provided as soon as possible after nominations have closed.

Telephone assisted voting

If you are unable to vote without assistance because you are blind, have low vision or have a motor impairment, you can vote by telephone.

Registrations for telephone assisted voting will be available from 9.00 am Monday 12 to 6.00 pm Friday 23 November.

Voting will be available from 9.00 am Monday 12 to 6.00 pm Friday 23 November.