Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council is divided into six wards, with a total of 11 councillors:

  • three single-councillor wards
  • two wards with three councillors each
  • one ward with two councillors.

Countback for Seawinds Ward

An extraordinary vacancy has occurred in Seawinds Ward within Mornington Peninsula Shire Council due to the resignation of Councillor Kerri McCafferty on Monday 19 December 2022.

A countback will be held at 10 am on Monday 30 January 2023.

Countback details

By-election for Watson Ward

Voters in Watson Ward in Mornington Peninsula Shire Council will vote in a postal by-election this March. The by-election will be held to elect a new councillor for Watson Ward, after the resignation of Councillor Paul Mercurio on Thursday 8 December 2022.

By-election details

Current Councillors

Briars Ward



MARSH, Anthony

Cerberus Ward


Nepean Ward

RACE, Sarah

BISSINGER, Susan (Nepean Ward countback results)

Red Hill Ward

GILL, David

Seawinds Ward

CELI, Antonella

McCAFFERTY, Kerri (position vacant - countback details)

MAR, Debra

Watson Ward

MERCURIO, Paul (position vacant - by-election details)


13 April 2021 countback results - Nepean Ward

2020 election results

2016 election results

23 August 2014 by-election results - Red Hill Ward

2012 election results

17 July 2010 by-election results - Truemans Ward

2008 election results

Council reviews

Representation review

The electoral structure of Mornington Peninsula Shire Council was last reviewed in 2012.

Read the report:

Subdivision review

The internal boundaries of Mornington Peninsula Shire Council were last reviewed in 2016.

Read the report: