How to vote correctly (Auslan)

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Hello, my name is Mac. I am a Democracy Ambassador.

I work for the Victorian Electoral Commission.

The Victorian State election is in November. To make your vote count, you must complete your ballot papers correctly.

At a voting centre, you will get two ballot papers.

Small one is for the Lower House

Big one is for the Upper House

Let’s start with the Lower House.

Use numbers when voting.

You number all the boxes in order of your choice.

Put number 1 next to the candidate you most want to be elected.

Put number 2 next to your second choice.

Put number 3 next to your third choice and so on.

You must number every box.

To vote for the Upper House, you have two ways.

Way 1 – Above the line

You put number 1 in the box next to the party or group you most want to win. If you do this, the party or group you choose will decide which candidates will get your vote. · Then you are done.


Way 2 – If you want to choose the candidates yourself instead of the party or group doing it for you, vote below the line.\

You must number at least 5 boxes in order of your choice.

Put number 1 next to the candidate you most want to win.

Put number 2 next to your second choice.

Put number 3 next to your third choice.

Put number 4 next to your fourth choice.

Put number 5 next to your fifth choice.

If you want to, you can continue to number more boxes or all of them.

When you have filled out both your ballot papers, you need to put them in the ballot boxes for each one. If you need any help on the day, you can bring a family member or friend to help you. You can also ask a VEC staff member.

If you have any questions about how to vote, please contact National relay service then ask for 03 8620 1100 or visit our website

The Victorian State election will be held in November. Only Australian citizens can vote in the election.

If you are enrolled to vote, you must vote.

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact National Relay Service then ask for 03 8620 1100.

AUSLAN interpretation services

If you or someone you support requires Auslan video interpreting assistance when voting, Convo Australia is collaborating with us to deliver an online live interpreting service.

The on-demand Auslan video remote interpreting, or VRI, can be accessed through the Convo app, or through You don’t need to download the app or sign up, and the service is free of charge.

The service will provide interpreting support at both early voting centres and election day voting centres.

You can access the service wherever there is internet access available (either through 4G/5G mobile data or through wifi).

Convo app at Victorian voting centres

Video transcript

Hey! Soon we will have the Victorian State election!

If you are visiting a voting centre

but need an Auslan interpreter?

No problem

Bring your smartphone, connect to wifi if there is any,

or use your hotspot/mobile data,

and just go to

or scan the QR code on one of their ‘Auslan Interpreter’ posters.

Tap on the green 'Connect Now' button,

wait for an interpreter

It's that’s easy!

Don’t forget to vote by Saturday 26 November 2022!