Towong Shire Council election results 2020

Last updated: Wednesday, 04 November 2020 04:00 PM
Council Voting count method
Towong Shire Council Proportional representation

Towong Shire Council (5 vacancies)

Results for this election have been finalised. The following candidates are declared elected.

Elected candidates

Elected: WORTMANN, David John (1st elected)
Elected: WHITEHEAD, Andrew James (2nd elected)
Elected: DIKSCHEI, Peter John (3rd elected)
Elected: SCALES, Aaron (4th elected)
Elected: ANDERSON, Denise Joy (5th elected)

Count summary

Enrolment: 5264
Formal votes: 4076
Informal votes: 144 (3.41% of the total votes)
Voter turnout: 4220 (80.17% of the total enrolment)
Quota: 680

Distribution report (Excel, 30kB)

First preference votes

Please note: all percentages have been rounded to two decimal points.

Candidate First preference votes Percentage
WHITEHEAD, Andrew James 711 17.44%
DIKSCHEI, Peter John 689 16.90%
WEDDALL, Chris 156 3.83%
LAZZAROTTO, Ellen Claire 318 7.80%
TREHARNE, Bradley 63 1.55%
SPRATT, Stuart 149 3.66%
WORTMANN, David John 1245 30.54%
ANDERSON, Denise Joy 350 8.59%
SCALES, Aaron 395 9.69%