Registering a political party

Why do parties register?

Political parties gain a number of advantages by registering.

A registered political party:

  • has the party's name next to its candidates' names on ballot papers
  • is entitled to public funding if it receives enough votes
  • nominates its candidates and lodges its how-to-vote cards with the VEC centrally rather than with election managers
  • is entitled to enrolment information (which it can use only for permitted purposes).

Register a party

Applications for political party registration must be made to the VEC.

To be eligible for registration, a political party must have at least 500 members who are registered Victorian electors and hold membership in accordance with the rules of the party.

They mustn’t be members of another registered party or a party applying for registration.

A registration application must include:

  • the name and address of the proposed registered officer
  • a copy of the party's constitution
  • a statutory declaration about the number of eligible members
  • a list of the names and addresses of at least 500 members
  • an application fee.

The VEC then checks the list to confirm the membership details and advertises the application.

Please be advised that this process can take two to four months to complete.

For more information on the registration of political parties contact the VEC.

Re-register a political party

Political parties are required to re-register once during the term of each Parliament.

The requirements for an application for re-registration are the same as those for registration.

Applications for re-registration are also assessed in the same way as the initial application.

Privacy & political party registration

The VEC is required to make the Register of Political Parties available for public inspection.

See Privacy at the Victorian Electoral Commission for further details.

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