Murray Plains District profile

Features of the District

Location:Murray Plains District is a rural electorate located north and north-west of Melbourne.
Area:11,921 square kilometres.
Towns:Beverford, Boort, Cohuna, Durham Ox, Echuca, Gunbower, Kerang, Koondrook, Koyuga, Kyabram, Ky Valley, Lake Boga, Lake Charm, Lalbert, Leitchville, Mitiamo, Murrabit, Nyah, Nyah West, Pyramid Hill, Quambatook, Rochester, Swan Hill, Tongala, Torrumbarry and Ultima.
Features:The District stretches along the Murray River from the Goulburn junction to north of Swan Hill. Irrigation farming is important in the District, focusing in the south-east on dairy farming and in the north-west on fruit growing. In the west of the District are large expanses of dryland farming. Natural features include the Gunbower Forest and lakes between Kerang and Lake Boga.
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