Yan Yean District profile

Features of the District

Location:Yan Yean District is an outer metropolitan and rural fringe electorate approximately 21 kilometres north of Melbourne.
Area:596 square kilometres.
Suburbs:Beveridge, Donnybrook, Doreen, Eden Park, Hurstbridge, Mernda, Nutfield, Plenty, Upper Plenty, Wallan, Wattle Glen, Whittlesea, Woodstock and Yarrambat. Parts of Cottles Bridge, Diamond Creek, Humevale and Yan Yean.
Features:There is rapid residential development along the Plenty corridor and around Wallan. Most of the rest of the District is semi-rural. Natural features of the District include the Kinglake National Park and Yan Yean Reservoir, Melbourne’s oldest water storage.
Upper House
Northern Victoria Region
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