Working at the VEC

The VEC provides an environment in which people can realise their career potential and make a significant, positive contribution to the Victorian community.

What you can expect

The VEC makes the commitment to our people to:

  • provide an enjoyable and safe place to work
  • develop and reward excellence in their work
  • help them achieve the key objectives of their roles
  • recognise the importance of balancing work, personal and family commitments.

Effective management is important to the VEC. We understand that job satisfaction and recognition of people's work are key elements in building a professional and successful team.

Conditions of employment

Non-executive employees of the VEC have their terms and conditions regulated by the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2016 (external link).

Political impartiality

As the VEC is responsible for providing the people of Victoria with an independent electoral service, it is vital that the VEC and its staff are able to perform their duties with complete political impartiality.

Section 17A of the Electoral Act 2002 enables the VEC to ask job applicants for disclosure of specific political activities that could compromise the perceived independence of the organisation.

Disclosure of this information does not necessarily mean that an applicant for employment will not be employed.

Disclosure will however, give the VEC the opportunity to consider whether it would be suitable for the applicant to work in certain areas or on certain elections. For example, a person who had been involved in lobbying their local council on a particular issue may be excluded from working on projects related to that particular council.

Please view Disclosure of Political Activities for more information.

Code of conduct

The VEC is committed to the public sector values and employment principles contained within the Public Administration Act 2004 (external link).

Occupational health and safety

Safety is everyone's responsibility at the Victorian Electoral Commission.

We are committed to providing and maintaining a working environment which is safe and without risk to the health of its employees, clients, contractors and visitors.

This commitment also extends to ensuring that the work of the VEC does not place the Victorian community at risk of injury, illness, disease or any form of property damage.

Workplace health and safety management principles are integral to the everyday business of our workplace.

Flexible working arrangements

A variety of options available under the flexible work options policy (Word, 58kB) flexible work options policy (PDF, 153kB). Management and staff can request to use a range of agreed flexible working options.

The following arrangements have been agreed to, and successfully implemented for a variety of VEC staff to effectively balance their work, personal and family commitments:

Flexible working hours Variable daily start and finish times.
Make up time Time taken off during working hours may be made up after the event.
Telecommuting/Working from home Regular performance of work-related tasks in a home-based office, using telecommunications technology to communicate with the primary office. Telecommuting is often referred to as working from home, but is actually a more structured arrangement.
Job sharing Two or more people share one full-time job, each working part-time on a regular basis.
Parental leave at half pay Paid parental leave for the primary caregiver or secondary caregiver can be taken at half pay or at full pay for a period followed by a period at half pay.