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Is your enrolment correct?

If you're unsure if your details are correct, please check your enrolment.

2016 council elections

Enrolment for the 2016 council elections closed at 4.00 pm on Friday 26 August. If your details have changed since then, or you were unable to update your details by 4.00 pm on Friday 26 August, you can still update your enrolment now, but you will need to vote in the council elections for the address at which you were previously enrolled.

Please note: if you do have to vote for your old address, check the method of voting for that council and ensure that you vote correctly and on time.

My details need updating

If you change your name, postal or residential address, you must update your enrolment details by completing an enrolment form.

I need to enrol

If you've never been enrolled in Victoria before, you can:

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